Brick Street Pops


Discover Olde Towne Clinton

A gourmet Popsicle shop located in the historic district of Olde Towne Clinton.

Welcome! As part of the revitalization of Olde Towne Clinton, Brick Street Pops is excited to call Clinton, home. In the past two years, over a dozen new businesses have opened up on Main Street. Not to mention, Clinton's very own Mississippi College is experiencing record growth and Clinton's thriving school district is growing while receiving state record titles. After our grand opening in 2015, Brick Street Pops quickly became (and continues to be) a Clinton favorite - as well as a favorite across the Magnolia State. We are honored to receive the Mississippi Main Street Association's "Best New Business" award of 2016.


Old Fashioned Treats & Craft Sodas

Recognizing the history of Olde Towne, Brick Street Pops searches for the right product mix to fit in with this historic area. Our flagship items are the all-natural, gourmet Popsicles. Trust us, it's not the normal Popsicle! Remember the sweets you grew up on - begging your mom to buy? Razzles... Moon Pies... you name it! We've got it! Go back in time while enjoying those classic favorites at Brick Street Pops. Some treats might come new to you! With a vintage, yet retro vibe, Brick Street Pops is happy to give you a place to chill - even outdoors on our patio! Don't worry about the heat, just browse through our unique assortment of old-fashioned bottled craft sodas and treats that are sure to be refreshing!